“ As a dedicated Linguist and Administrator with Business Management experience having lived in England and France, I am aware of differences between cultures. These differences enrich our lives, should not inhibit our progress but simply demand flexibility by dealing with different people in different ways.


All clients’ requirements are assessed individually, communicated professionally and tailored depending on the recipient. We revert back to you with information presented in a clear and concise way, which is not clouded by linguistic nuances.


Bilingualism is not a state of being, our representatives have achieved this stature through extensive training and studying to be able to carry out this service and can therefore sympathise with those whose sole language is their mother tongue as it is from that stage that they have developed.


Finally, we keep our promises to ‘ring you back tomorrow’ and honour your requests to provide proposals and reports to deadlines.


I hope you will give us the chance to let us show what we can do for you. ”


                        Sally Green (Owner)