We have broad experience of teaching very young learners to the more mature, advanced or business students through structured learning methods, accompanied by visual aids, puzzles, games and conversational practice.


At Home

A local tutor is available to give lessons either at your home or theirs


In Business

Either one-to-one or group sessions at your place of work


On the Telephone

A concept allowing business people to call in for tuition when convenient to them; during a lunch break from their desk for example or whilst waiting for a plane at the airport. Material for discussion can be forwarded in advance





We offer a quick turn around service, not just providing literal translation but ensuring that the correct context is used.


French to English or English to French Translation


Translation of documents, letters or reports


Bound, well-presented final draft





Pre-book or call us any time, anywhere for instantaneous, simultaneous interpretation where we act as the intermediary between you and the French speaker.


Via the telephone

Conference calling, 3 way conversations


On site

Spending time in person with you and / or your foreign visitor at any location



These can be interpreted and the meaning communicated verbally