'Alex has undoubtedly improved over the last 12 months under your

tuition and is a lot more confident with his French.'

Paul (August 2006)


'I never got the chance to thank you for all your help with my French

lessons ... so thank you, you were really a great help.'

Ian (July 2007)


'SUCCESS ... had the test yesterday and I DID IT!!! Couldn't have

done it without your help and guidance ... so thank you very much...

you made me feel at ease and that I could do it!'

Kate (November 2009)


'Her (tutor) subject knowledge is excellent and she is always

seeking to make her teaching lively and interesting ... she helps

to create a settled atmosphere through careful thought and

preparation .... and motivates and inspires people to do their best.'

Trish (February 2010)


'Just to let you know that Sadie thought her exam went very

well. Her presentation was good and she was asked questions

that she had prepared well. Her teacher said there had

been a vast improvement! Thanks for all your help.'

Cathy (November 2010)


'We would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for all

your hard work ... we have benefitted enormously.'

Trish & Arthur (November 2010)


'On behalf of both of us I would like to thank you very much

for the lovely evenings that we have enjoyed with your group.'

Di & Linda (December 2010)


'You picked up Emma at a low ebb due to shortfalls in her school's

provision and you were instrumental in restoring her self-belief

and confidence. Sessions were well-prepared and sharply focussed.

The on-going support and communication outside the lessons were

much appreciated.'

Rob H (January 2011)


'I'd like to thank you for all your hard work and most of all your patience,

you have made my time in France more enjoyable and a lot more

easy. Thank-you.'

Rob S (January 2011)


'I can't thank you enough for all your hard work, by helping

me to communicate with the locals now that I am living in France, it has

been the best tuition I have had. Without your patience I would

still be struggling today, now I can talk and join in with conversations,

which was my goal.'

Michael (January 2011)


'I have been having tutoring with Sally for several weeks now.  

I have had several French teachers over the last few years and I have

to say that Sally is the best I have ever had.  She has a structured

approach to find out where my weaknesses lie before going forward

to the next stage.  I feel very comfortable with her as a tutor

which is important.  She also gives of herself in providing me with

lots of exercises to practise.  Top rate and would recommend to

anyone.  I am year 3 in French.'

Katherine (March 2011)


'Thank you for giving Charlotte invaluable tuition. I am so pleased that

we found your details and that you were able to fit her in. Thank you

for helping Charlotte regain her confidence in French.'

Elaine (May 2011)


'Thank you for all your encouragement, help and support for Laura

over the past few weeks. We've really appreciated it and it's great to

see her confidence growing as a result of your help. Laura tells me

she certainly feels as though she is benefiting from your teaching style;

she understands the grammar points much better and feels more

confident when conversing at school during lessons. She finds it fun

and that's always a good starting point for education in my book!

So thank you for what you have done so far.'

Sandra (Dec 2011)


'You appear to be working wonders with Will. Tonight he was talking in French at the dinner table!'

Linda (Dec 2011)


'A big and sincere "thank you" for all your help and support for

Laura over the past months... I know you have made a big difference

to her confidence and that's because you've understood Laura

and addressed all the issues with her. She has enjoyed her time

with you and we couldn't have asked for a better tutor. Your

diligence, encouragement and enthusiasm are really appreciated.'

Sandra & Philip (Jun 2012)


'Thank you so much for all of your help, it certainly increased my

confidence and structured my French revision more than I could have

done by myself. The grammar and translation exercises were very useful.'

Charlotte (Aug 2012)


'I want to thank you for all the effort and time you have put in to

helping Eleanor and we'll let you know when she gets her French

results. I think it is the only time I have seen Eleanor interested in


Clare (April 2013)


'Thank you so much for all your help and support it has been

very appreciated just wish we had found you sooner!'

Juliet (May 2013)


'Thank you very much for a wonderful year of French lessons!

They really have been enjoyable, I really appreciate all the extra

work you put in outside of class'

Katie (June 2013)


'Annabel has now returned from an enjoyable summer living and working near Paris. Thank you for all your hard work in making this possible - we could not have arranged it without you.  From liaising with possible employers, assisting with documentation and providing advice on short-

term rental accommodation your patience, persistence and professionalism is very much appreciated.'

Caroline (September 2013)


'Our daughter had a great time with her host family in France, she was quite overwhelmed to begin with and was struggling for the first day or two but quickly seemed to get her ‘ear in’ so to speak and I think she gained loads from it. The family were wonderful to her and she went to school every day and was involved in all parts of family life. A success all round I think! The exchange was wonderful.'

Laura (October 2014)


'Thanks so much for all your help and hard work between lessons - I would never have got this far without you.'

Jane (November 2014)


'Sally is very punctual, friendly and has done all she can to ensure that my daughter is learning in line with the curriculum. She emails homework every week, and if there is a need to change the time of her lesson, she gives plenty of notice so that we can make alternative arrangements'. Joanne (June 2016)


'Grace is loving it, hungry to learn and enjoying it so much. I have to say her learning and enthusiasm have gone up exponentially with your teaching. The children are very fond of you and we are so grateful and pleased that you are their teacher'.

Julia (October 2016)


'I began my private tuition with Sally in November 2016 and words cannot express how grateful I am for all of her help with my A2 French re-sit. I have been really impressed by the high quality of teaching and the amount of resources she has given to me. Her feedback is very consistent and detailed and I have learnt so much already and things have started clicking. Every lesson Sally has taught me so much and I’ve been really impressed as to how easy communication has been. Sally replies to emails and messages promptly and after every lesson, I receive an overview of our lesson, including work to be completed by both myself and Sally before our next lesson, which is very useful. I really appreciate all of her help and guidance – she is truly amazing'. Kate (January 2017)


'Many thanks for your knowledge and your kindness at our slowness! It's been great working with you.' Mr & Mrs H (September 2017)


'Sally Green provided a very responsive service, providing our daughter with a very friendly, capable and flexible French tutor for the two years preparing for GCSEs. I first made contact after a google search on line and found Sally was friendly, professional and prompt in providing me with the information I needed. The tutor came for an initial meeting to our home and was able to connect with my daughter very easily. The tutor, who had lived in France for a while, brought enjoyment and a greater understanding into my daughter’s French learning. She was able to ensure the AQA curriculum was followed, but also allowing my daughter’s special interests to be included at times.

In the months leading up to exams the tutor was very helpful, providing both face to face as well as video lessons (using skype or facetime). As a result our daughter was able to go into her written and spoken French exams with much greater confidence.' Andrea (May 2018)


My son 'did sit a French mock paper 3 weeks ago and came top of the year with 95% and his teacher has confirmed today she will be predicting him an A*, this is supported by his mock, school assignments and a 9 at GCSE.

To gain this predicted grade would not have been feasible without the time he spent with yourself, you were able to polish and lift his vocabulary and confidence to take it to the higher level, and we are extremely grateful for this'.

Christine (March 2020)